Yesterday afternoon I noticed what I thought at first glance was steam coming from my neighbours dryer vent.  As I got closer I could smell the smoke and saw it was billowing out of the vent very quickly.  I ran to the door, banged and rang the doorbell but didn’t get an answer. (No car was in the driveway)

As the RCMP Detachment was literally a few steps away, I headed there.  I had to tell reception who used to own the home and point down the road, because there was no house number on the town home. (Unless it was well hidden)

I was astounded to see the first of the Volunteer Fire Department Members arriving as I was walking out of the RCMP office! Literally minutes after they’d received the call. I rounded the corner to head downtown and some members were already fully dressed and the Fire Truck was pulled out, lights on and ready to go. As I walked to the Plaza I saw several more members driving past heading to the Firehouse.

I would like to thank our Volunteer Fire Department Members for all that they do and how quickly they do it!  You guys are amazing!


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3 thoughts on “Kudos to The Gold River Volunteer Fire Department”

  1. It’s great to hear about the positive things that happen in our community! WTG GRVFD! I hope your neighbours house is ok 🙂

  2. I’m sorry this is late but my roommate and I would also like to give a very heartfelt thank you to the fire department and the police and the lovely person that reported the smoke. It’s lovely to live in such a caring community as Gold River.

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