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Local and knowledgable

Local and knowledgable

I would be more than happy to talk to you about any of your real estate needs.

The cool you seek!

The cool you seek!

Ice Cream and Coffee in the uptown plaza. Come and enjoy our delicious coffee, roasted by Aroma Coffee on Quardra Island. You wont be disappointed!

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Cedar Roots

Cedar Roots

Reiki Master and Tapping Coach
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Disturbing Discoveries

Via Joanne Folkins:

In the past week, the heads of two dead kittens have been found in the bedding of a new litter.  In both cases, there was no body; and one kitten did not belong to the litter in the first place.

One death with a head left over could have been caused by an animal, but two such — found in the same place– suggests human cruelty, which is not only illegal but also immoral.

If anyone has information regarding these deaths, could the person please contact the Gold River Cat Society at 250-283-7606 and leave us an anonymous message.

Thank you.

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Kitten Season has Begun

In April, the Gold River Cat Society took in the first kittens of the year to socialize.  Four tabby boys,they will go for adoption at Bosley’s in Campbell River next week if the vet clears them.  The society also knows of two more litters in our main colony at the Gold Crest Apartments and would like to be notified if anyone has seen any other feral kitten litters in the community.

We will also take in unintended kittens born to owned cats.  Please don’t throw them out like trash but contact us at 283-7606.  If you get the answering machine, leave a clear message and your contact phone number so we can return your call as soon as possible.

For those people who are waiting for us to fix their cats, please have patience as these operations come out of private pockets, which are strained right now.  We will pay for the fixing but request that the owners pay for the inoculations.

We thank the people of Gold River for all their support.  It has been a great help.

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Resident Spotlight – Dawn Dakin

DawnThis Resident Spotlight features someone I’m sure most of us know.  I first met Dawn years ago up at the Ridge somewhere in the vicinity of the pool table.  And she’s not exaggerating when she says she can ‘play a mean game of pool’!  Thanks so much for doing the Spotlight Dawn!

How long have you lived in Gold River? What brought you here?

I moved to Gold River in 1989 at age 15, and had a wonderful family give me the opportunity to graduate here.  After I graduated I moved to the mainland for 10 years and came back for my 10 year grad reunion.  I met Dave and after 3 months moved back to be with him…that was 10 years ago.

What do you do for (paid) work?

Most recently Dave and I purchased the Gold River Deli.  It is a full circle achievement as I was fortunate enough to work there as a teenager.  Working there provided me with some valuable skills and I hope that the students that work there now learn skills that will help them with their future endeavors.

Please tell us about any volunteer work you do

I have done quite a few things in the past.  Right now I am a part of the Gold River Resident’s Association executive.  We are a working group that takes advantage of opportunities for Gold River and its residents.  I have recently been a part of a group of people reestablishing the Gold River Chamber of Commerce.  And of course part of a group working at getting a terrain park in Gold River

Please tell us a bit about your family

My family is my greatest accomplishment.  I have a husband who is supportive of all of my crazy and idealistic ideas, and an 8 year old son that has received the best traits of both Dave and I.  I am grateful for them both!


Do you have any pets?

We have a 15 year old cat named Niko, who is getting pretty temperamental in his old age…

What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy riding my motorbike, playing poker and at one time I could shoot a mean game of pool – something that I love doing but haven’t had the opportunity for a long time.

What do you wish Gold River had that it doesn’t? Is there anything missing for you?

My sisters, nieces and nephews. And a pool hall!

And just for fun – if you had 1 million dollars to donate to the community in any way you wished – what would you do with the money? 

Right now I would help fund the Terrain Park.  I would love to provide opportunities that help people help themselves.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Gold River and the people in Gold River have been good to me.  From the time I was a teenager and didn’t know what I was going to do or where I was going to go, to now owning a business and receiving overwhelming support.  Thank you!

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