Spring is upon us once again (or should we say summer), and unfixed cats will have kittens. Over the past few years, the Gold River Cat Society has worked hard to curb the tide of unwanted feral kittens and has succeeded to a great degree. Only one feral female that we know of, a girl we have tried to trap for years to no success, has had a litter. When we find out where she has hidden them, we hope to be able to trap them, socialize them, and adopt them out.

Yet, we have a waiting list for kitten adoptions. So, instead of tossing the little babies out to die, give any young kittens to us to rear, get healthy, and adopt out. We will pay for everything, and no questions asked. Just let us know where and when to get the kittens; and, if the mother is a socialized pet, we can get her spayed for you if you cannot afford it. But please remember that this is a village where everyone’s background will be known by somebody, meaning we cannot afford to provide services to people who can afford it themselves and are trying to pull a fast one on us.

Other services we are legally allowed to cover include inoculations, medications, parasite (flea, ticks, etc) control, and other needed surgeries. Please contact us for information. You may be asked to sign an agreement stating that you cannot afford the expenses and that, if we find out otherwise, you will have to reimburse us plus other costs if they are acquired.

Gold River Cat Society


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