BrendaThis Resident Spotlight is a bit different than ones in the past. Brenda, (like many) was a bit hesitant about being spotlighted, so we streamlined things a bit and were able to highlight her role as Emergency Program Committee Coordinator, which she is very passionate about.  Thank you for agreeing to be spotlighted Brenda!

How long have you lived in Gold River? What brought you here?

I moved here to Gold River in 1991 with my young family. My two sons began and finished school here.

What brought us to Gold River? We were camping at Buttle Lake one summer and decided that we would visit the Upana Caves. Upon entering the Village of Gold River, I was so taken by its simplicity and of its beauty. At that time, the hanging baskets were on every lamp post and they were in full bloom. It was so clean and quiet, and there were no overhead wires to be seen. I had my husband stop the car so I could take a picture of the prettiest little town I had seen. A few months later, there was a job posting that my husband was eligible to apply for. I was so excited… and he got the job.

What do you do for (paid) work?

Living in Gold River has offered many opportunities for me. I was able to get my paramedics licence which led to being hired with Western Forest Products. At WFP I have mainly worked as a Level III First Aid Attendant, but I have held a blasting ticket, and currently work in the shop warehouse. During a long lay-off I took a Bridge Watchman training course. This led to having an opportunity to work aboard the Sir Wilfred Laurier in the Canadian Arctic waters. This opportunity provided me to successfully apply as the Emergency Program Committee Coordinator for Gold River.

You are the Emergency Program Committee Coordinator for Gold River. Many residents may not know about this program, what you do and the groups involved. Can you elaborate and educate us a bit?

The Emergency Management Committee is a group of the major stakeholders responsible for the safety and well-being of the citizens of our community. This includes primarily the Gold River Health Clinic, the Police, Fire, and Ambulance leads, the Village itself, council, the Canadian Rangers, and the Emergency Social Services.

To learn more about Emergency Management and how to apply preparation, mitigation, response, and recovery into your personal life, please watch for events planned for EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS WEEK – always the first full week of May!


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5 thoughts on “Resident Spotlight – Brenda Patrick”

  1. Yeah ! Brenda, you are an inspiration for Gold River. Both of you are awesome guys !

  2. Thank you Brenda for sending me your email – for me to CHECK out Gold River Buzz. I LOVE it in Gold River – small friendly, and beautiful community. Every time I have been to Gold River I have enjoyed it.
    You certainly are a lady with lots of experience. Love – Mom. March 24, 2016

  3. Brenda, thank you for stepping up to oversee the Emergency Program for Gold River. I work in an Emergency Operations Center for the region, which has recently been hit by major wildfires and floods. I’m so pleased to see that the citizens of Gold River are in good hands. I’m very proud of you. Keep up the good work.

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