Joanne FI first met Joanne (where else) at GRSS.  She taught both my daughters Mikayla and Kristanna English, then retired after Kristanna’s year. (I hope that wasn’t a coincidence – hehe)  
Joanne (I still want to call her Ms. Folkins) is extremely devoted to the cats in our Village as well as all animals.  I know (from our conversations on the Buzz and in person) that she is truly dedicated and loves what she does.  
How long have you lived in Gold River? What brought you here?

I came to Gold River in the fall of 1983 to take a position at Gold River Secondary teaching Music and English.  So, that makes it 32 years ago.


What do you do for (paid) work?

I’m retired now but do substitute teach occasionally.

Please tell us about any volunteer work you do.

My volunteer work is my next calling-  animal rescue.  I run the Gold River Cat Society but will help any animal.  The Society traps feral cats for the Village/SPCA TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program, foster cats and kittens for adoption, socialize feral cats and kittens for adoption, and help any cat/kitten in need.

Maverick- Up for adoption next week.
Maverick- Up for adoption next week.
Duke- Maverick's brother also up for adoption next week.
Duke- Maverick’s brother also up for adoption next week.
Do you have any pets?

I have many pets:  a Standard Poodle, 3 indoor cats, 2 feral cats plus 1 adult foster cat and two kittens who will go up for adoption next month.

Louis with last year's miracle kitten.
Louis with last year’s miracle kitten.
What do you like to do for fun?

For fun, I love to hike, travel, read, play Bridge, and keep abreast of animal rescue issues.

What do you wish Gold River had that it doesn’t? Is there anything missing for you?

Many Gold Riverites won’t believe this, but we have a lot of recreational opportunities here.  What we need is another industry to help the village thrive again.

And just for fun – if you had 1 million dollars to donate to the community in any way you wished – what would you do with the money?

Ha!  I’d open an animal sanctuary!  Our orphaned bears wouldn’t have to go to the NIWRA if caught.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I love this village.  I simply wish that we could attract more young people to move here.


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5 thoughts on “Resident Spotlight – Joanne Folkins”

  1. Joanne you have done so much to help out all the animals here in Gold River. Thank you for spending your time and your money!

  2. Congratulations, Joanne, on being chosen for Resident Spotlight. You have always had such a love of animals and it is wonderful that you put that love into action. GR is very lucky to have you living in their beautiful village!

  3. Collett 'Lynn' Kirchner

    Congrats Joanne!! You are doing a great thing for the animals! Thank you for opening up options in music for me! I covered a lot of ground and many instruments over the years and it’s because you pushed me even after I moved to another town! Keep up the great work!

  4. It’s true. you are amazing with animals regardless of the challenges of care and finding homes for our furry friends….and your generosity extends into the community. Thanks Joanne!

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