Via John McPherson:
For those interested in viewing the installation of the bridge spans at Saunders Bridge, the latest official word on the actual date and time is that this will occur July 15/16 during the highway closure from 10 PM to 5 AM


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2 thoughts on “Saunders Bridge Span Installation”

  1. Please let me correct you on your comment, there will be no viewing of the Girder Installations on the night shifts of July 13 and 14th, (the correct dates). The road will be closed beyond Line of Sight with TCP’s and Barricades. Public will not be permitted into the work zone due to safety concerns.

    Best Regards
    Monte Rollins,
    Site Supervisor.

  2. John McPherson

    Thanks Monte. I wasn’t sure how the site crew would handle onlookers but I was told by a crew member there that the dates were the 14th and 15th. I had a feeling a crowd wouldn’t be appreciated and there is no room to accommodate one – but there may be one or two that attempt to get a peek anyway.

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