My sincere thanks to G R Ambulance, GR Fire Dept and Mainline (Mainroad) Contracting for coming to our aid. Big thanks and hugs to Jim Fraser who was the unfortunate person to witness the accident and drove back to GR to get help. To Donna, Ray and Charley for getting me safely to Campbell river. I felt so relieved and proud happy to see your familiar faces.
Thanks to all my family and friends for keeping my stay a positive and sometimes funny experience.
I received my brace on Halloween Saturday and have been up walking ever since. Slow going but time heals all. I hope to get out today or tomorrow so see you all soon.
Sincere thanks
Judy and Barrie


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4 thoughts on “Sincere Thanks from Judy and Barrie”

  1. So glad to hear your progress. We are sending many well wishes and hope you have a speedy recovery. xo

  2. We are so very happy to know that you are in your brace and moving about. Know that the recovery will not be as speedy as you would like, but be patient. Sending you loads prayers for a full recovery.

  3. We are glad to hear that you will be out of the hospital soon.
    Take it easy. You need to be in ship-shape for Cabo in the New Year.

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