Small Town Girl – You’ve come a long way!!!

Arlene 3 yrs.old
Arlene Bomback lived in Gold River from the age of one until she graduated.  She continued her studies at Douglas College, and then in July, 1989 she joined The Canadian Forces.

Arlene and family, Gilles, and boys Joshua & Tyler, now live in London, England. WO Arlene Bomback- Fortin works in Security, Military Police, at Canada House and has had the pleasure of meeting Queen Elizabeth, when she came to Open Canada House, as well as members of the Royal Family and just lately Prime Minister Trudeau, all in the span of less than one year.

Queen Elizabeth II

Group & Prime Minister Trudeau Arlene & Prime Minister

We hope that in 2017, she will return to Canada, (it makes it much easier for us to visit).

We would like to thank our daughter, for her service to our country, she is one in a million.

Harry & Ruth Bomback


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6 thoughts on “Small Town Girl in London”

  1. I have fond memories of Arlene, she was always such a nice person to be around and to everyone she met. What a great service she has done for us Canadians. Her parents have every right to be proud!

  2. Awesome job Arlene !!!always knew you would accomplish great things in your life !!!!proud of you !!!

  3. It is wonderful to get such a fantastic update on one of my first students here. Well done, Arlene.

  4. George and Cheryl Annala

    Ruth and Harry you must be so proud of your daughter! Thanks for posting this good news. It was so nice to see you both at the 50 th anniversary, was so nice to catch up! Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016.

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