construction update
Via John McPherson:
The latest info from a source directly involved in the project is that the bridge will be open to traffic and fully functional in September. As everyone has probably noticed, it will be “cambered”, meaning it will be sloped/banked to match the curve and slope of the corner. Just thought I’d provide a little clearer deadline for completion for everyone!


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4 thoughts on “Update on Saunders Bridge”

  1. I’d like to watch them put in those bridge units that are sitting beside the road. It must take a HUGE crane and a lot of skill.

  2. I as well thank you for the update John, and I’m with Pat I would
    love to see them put the bridge spans in place.

  3. John McPherson

    You’re welcome folks! I’ve had a couple of other people request info on when the actual spans will be put in place because cameras and video footage will likely be involved. I’ll talk to the crew supervisor and see if I can provide the date and time, and find out what they would prefer to see happen if a crowd shows up. Hopefully there won’t be too much traffic congestion. Anyway..I’ll post further info when I confirm the details.

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