VILLAGE  VOICE  – Proud  Member of Gold River Chamber of Commerce

Invitation to Meeting  (All citizens are welcome.)

Wednesday April 13th @7 PM Chamber of Commerce Office (The Vault).

The Purpose of Village Voice is to provide an opportunity for citizens to gather in discussion groups to share ideas, concerns and information relative to our community. The goal is to become an action group, and to actively support and encourage any individual(s) who may be motivated to pursue any project, which might constructively enhance our community.” (Amended March 9th 2016)

Approval of minutes and new agenda.

Meeting Agenda:

a)Election of Officers:  Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer,  ( )Executive  members Number to be determined by  attendees.

b) Dick Hughes information re C of C  report on Town and Band Councils to meet on mutual interests.

c) What is happening in Nimpkish Park (water pool)? Now demolished.

d) Tabled  item: The question of addressing town council: 1) On economic development
2) Promotion of tourism.
3) Encouraging persons to settle in Gold River.
e) Tabled Item: Viability of a survey of vacant, dilapidated properties and absentee landlords.

Reports: 1. B Colquhoun on investigate current availability and use plan for the Recreation Center.
2 Chairman on Letters to council and band re bus service.
Letter to council re library hours.

New   Business:


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6 thoughts on “Village Voice Meeting April 13th”

  1. Hope to hear some good things. Nice to see that some residence are trying something, we are all aware that council has done nothing, but take a paycheck. I as well as many others are looking forward to hearing some ideas.

    1. joanne
      there was some great conversation tonight,its great to see residents getting involved!its too bad you dont show up to any meetings taking place in your community.” council, village voice”.
      youve obviously got some great ideas you need to sharewe would love to here more of your opinions at some of our meetings.
      cheers darcy curr

  2. Thanks for your efforts on town improvement folks. I hope that we can use this page to present some ideas that you may like to address.
    The regional district has done a great job on the refuse dump, widening the landing and lowering the approach.
    However, the bins are now too high for a self dumping trailer, and I wonder what could be done about that? Perhaps just a flat area to dump, and the loader could then scoop it up and load it into the big bin? For that matter, why not use the same idea for trash that has to go inside that building, rather that have residents muck about in there?
    Also, there are a lot of aging brick chimneys in town that leak into the home and are in danger of falling over in a small earthquake.
    A resident has just paid $582.00 to dispose of bricks and cement from a chimney removal. Surely there is a place to deposit clean fill in our area. As our town’s population is growing more into a retirement community, can something be done to ease the cost?

  3. I agree, Joanne. Council seems to be achieving very little and, unfortunately, also seems to be stuck in the past. I mean, why the heck are pool schedules still mailed out? What a waste of money! Why not put the schedule on the website? And as for the websites – for some reason, there appear to be two – what a mess. They’re horribly amateurish. Even Tahsis’s is better!

  4. pool schedules are mailed out for the many people who do not have computers in our community.there are people in our community who enjoy getting off of the couch and going to the plaza to get their mail.its part of many peoples daily routine.the website situation is less than desirable and is being worked on,which you would know if you attended meetings.hope to see you running in the next election so we can finally get this amateurish mess corrected,or at least attend meetings to understand what is actually going on and help this council get out from under this under achieving rock they are stuck under.

  5. “pool schedules are mailed out for the many people who do not have computers in our community”

    Do you actually know how many people in the community do not have a computer/internet access at home? I suspect not many. Further, those that do not could collect a printed schedule from the Village Office or from the Aquatic Centre(or get online at the library).

    “there are people in our community who enjoy getting off of the couch and going to the plaza to get their mail.”

    So, what you appear to be saying is the Village sends the schedules out, not because there is a real need, but because people like to get something in the mail (“Woohoo! A flyer!”). Really, it’s an environmentally-unfriendly practice that’s a complete waste of paper, ink, mailing costs, time and taxpayer money. And while the expense involved in mailing them out may be relatively small, it’s just one of many examples of Council wasting money – and, of course, they all add up.

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