JCJ Moving

I have to say thank you so very much to the guys of local company JCJ Moving. They did an amazing job for me, not one thing was chipped or broken, and they had to take apart and put together a very confusing (plus large and heavy) desk! As well, they took away all my garbage, my recycling and even cut the overgrown grass in my backyard!
You guys saved the day for me! Thanks so much to John, Eric and Lee for working so hard on a very hot day!


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2 thoughts on “Warm Fuzzy for JCJ Moving”

  1. Hard workers and the price is always reasonable! John moves and hauls almost everything and also brings me firewood. Great service!

  2. We had the JCJ moving company take a very heavy chair to Campbell River for recovering. They also returned it to us. Without them this could not have been accomplished. Very good work and much appreciated as the chair is my husband’s favorite chair. You will not go wrong by hiring them.

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