Just a reminder – please everyone take a few short minutes to write down your thoughts and drop off or send as per the instructions below.  Even if you have a neighbour you know needs the Pharmacy please write on their behalf.  We all need to make our voices heard!

The College of Pharmacists has decreed that all tele-pharmacies must have a REGISTERED Pharmacy Tech (not a simple assistant) on site at all times. People’s has advertised for them, but no one wants to go to the boonies for jobs. And the Registered degree is new. It will also take 15 months to get one if a person is a pharmacy assistant.

The following is from http://www.telepharmacybc.com/:


Our local People’s is asking that we as a community write letters against this and to support keeping the drug store open in Gold River. Points to include in your letter could be:

  • Did you live here before a pharmacy was opened?
  • Describe the hardship you would experience if the pharmacy shut down.
  • Did you move to the area in part based on having a pharmacy?

You can email your letters to boundarypharmacy@gmail.com, fax to 250-449-2867 or drop off at Gold River People’s Pharmacy and they will fax/collect for you.  Please address your letters Attn: College of Pharmacists of BC.

You can contact our local People’s if you have any questions, and also visit the website (http://www.telepharmacybc.com/) for more information.


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13 thoughts on “We May Lose Our Pharmacy Jan 1, 2016”

  1. Not everyone can afford to travel and all don’t have vehicles pretty sad to treat people that way in rural areas make me sad for people

  2. It’s only an hour to Campbell River and we all go there to get groceries,do banking, etc anyway. Also Can a pharmacy there mail drugs to us for pickup at the clinic? Has an ad been placed to hire a pharmacist or technicien? What more can be done?

    1. Gold River Cat Society

      For some of us who need an antibiotic ASAP, that is not an option unless you want to pay through the nose for the delivery up here the next day (no weekends). Been there, done that -at my expense. And, yes, People’s has advertised for the REGISTERED pharmacy tech and gotten no applications because, as the Buzz post says, no one wants to move to the rural areas to work. The degree takes 15 months to acquire, and the time limit is January. The College made this determination just recently, too.

      Screws us up.

  3. my daughter lives in Tahsis. She relies on her pharmacy in Tahsis the same as a lot of the elderly who live there. Not only for there meds but for anything that might be needed from a pharmacy. Please do not do it Thank you

  4. Margaret Tomlinson

    We will write a letter and print out several copies for others to sign and send. I am a Type 1 diabetic and need a pharmacy in a town I live in. There are a number of elderly, those who do not have a vehicle and the First Nations people who also need a pharmacy here. People’s and their staff have done a great job for us and now its our turn to do a job for them.

  5. Margaret Tomlinson

    As a former Medical Clinic Manager I cannot stress the importance of having a Pharmacy in our community. The loss of People’s Pharmacy will damage our small town economy as well as the health of our community members and First Nation’s neighbors. Please send a letter regarding this serious issue, I did and I sent it to our MLA Claire Trevena as well. She emailed me back and thanked me for the letter. Together we will save lives by keeping our Pharmacy open.

  6. Villoy Mitchell-Dorrington

    I am wondering at notion that the pharmacy would have to actually close down because of this. Could we not get our prescriptions couriered in to the pharmacy as we did before it opened? Or does the pharmacy depend upon the prescription fees to operate? Just wondering why it would have to close down??

      1. Villoy Mitchell-Dorrington

        I was using the term “pharmacy” as meaning the entire store. I take it you were answering my question about the prescription fees being the backbone? My understanding was that the “store” was doing quite well and in that context I offered my question.

  7. I wrote and sent my letter the day this came to our attention. Good idea to send it to Claire Trevena. I’ll do that now.

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