Thank you from GR Cat’s Society

Once again, I’d like to thank our volunteers who have helped maintain the work this rescue does: Wendy and Ken Smith, the caretakers for the main colony; Janet Witton , Sharon Alstrup, Al Slack, Ovide Bertrand, Dawn Dakin, and Monika Cyron, the board of directors besides myself; Kat Zettler, the manager of Bosley’s in CR, who took in and fostered a discarded mom and her kittens (and became a foster fail re: the mom); Dr. Dave McDonald, Lori Toohey, Michelle Carstensen, and the staff of Comox Valley Animal Hospital; Kitty Cat PALS, who has allowed us to transfer older cats for rehoming; and anyone who has aided us in any way.

Joanne Folkins, President
Gold River Cat Society goldrivercatsociety [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you from Cat’s Society

On behalf of the Gold River Cat Society, I’d like to thank the following for their voluntary assistance over the past few years. For fostering, Daniel Kornylo, Marianne Flam, The Dakin Family, Al Slack, Wendy Smith, Ovide Bertrand, Sharon Alstrup we thank you. Your help is greatly appreciated. And for feeding the main colony members at the Gold Crest, I want to say a special thanks to Ovide Bertrand, Monika Cyron, and Wendy and Ken Smith. 

Without these people, the task of getting cats the help they need would have been impossible.

Gold River Cat Society
Goldrivercatsociety [at] gmail [dot] com

Purricane Season has Arrived Once Again

Purricane Season has Arrived Once Again
The Gold River Cat Society has just received its first feral kitten of the year with at least another to follow.
As you can see with the chart, cats can reproduce very well. If you have or know of a cat that is pregnant and needs help with the kittens once they are weaned, please contact us at 250-283-7606. We will also gladly spay/neuter your cat if you cannot afford to do so.
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Lost Cats?

The Gold River Cat Society has received a number of complaints about a Siamese yowling (probably looking to mate) in the middle of the night in the area of Chamiss Cres.
We also have an outside ginger male who hangs around Larch Place also looking to mate.
If either one is your cat, could you please contact us at 250-283-7606.  If we don’t hear from anyone, we will try to trap both to get them fixed.
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