This evening at approximately 7:00pm a cougar was spotted on the deck of the residence located at 517 Burman Court.  A short time later the cougar bumped its head against a sliding glass patio door at a residence on the same street.  In the second incident, the cougar was watching a small dog inside of the residence.  Patrols were made by the RCMP and members were unable to locate the cougar.  BC Conservation Service has been advised of the two incidents and will be following up.

Nootka Sound RCMP

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  1. Johanne Ross -

    Well guys, it s they’re territory, vigilance has to be exercise. By the way killing them is not a solution, relocating them is!!! People should donate money to relocate the unwanted beast!!! They’re habitat has been destroyed because of the greed of humanity, Think about that a little while!!!!

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