~ Please note: The correct address for Craig is 1661 Fell St, not 1660 ~

Friends of Craig Anderson,

Thank-you for your prayers, uplifting thoughts and continued support since our father, Craig, was struck crossing the road on December 20, 2016.

While his first week in the ICU had us facing a grim prognosis he was able to miraculously start holding his own and healing his physical injuries. Since regaining consciousness we have experienced many ‘Craig-isms’ that leave us hopeful he will return to a version of his jovial self.

However, the severity of the brain injury he has sustained will take months, possibly years to heal and only time will reveal how much memory he will regain.

At this time he is not allowed visitors, we ask that his health care workers be given the space required to work. Please hold back delivery of tangible gifts until a later time when he can enjoy them. Words of encouragement can be sent to:

Craig Anderson
c/o 1661 Fell Street
Victoria, BC V8R4V8

All healing vibes welcomed.
The Anderson Kids


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44 thoughts on “Message From Craig Anderson’s Family”

  1. Thank you for the update. We all were very worried about Craig. Give him my warmest wishes for a full recovery .

  2. Terry Kellington

    I have been heartened since the news of Craig unexpectedly reached a
    Hopeful level of consciousness and healing. My prayers are with him and the
    Anderson Kids and all the people including myself that know and
    Love the man.

  3. Debbie Clemenson

    Thoughts and prayers are being sent to Craig for a full and speedy recovery. Thank you for the update!

  4. Michelle Lightle Carstensen

    I have been continually praying for Craig & the entire family. Thank you so much for the update & giving all of us more hope for his recovery. I lift him up to God for complete healing & pray God strengthens all of you during this difficult time.

  5. Sending our prayers and healing thoughts Craig and Family…
    Looking forward to hearing many more “Craigi-isms”!
    Dave and Wendi Ferrero

  6. Romeo and Darla Gaiga

    We have been praying for Craig and all the family. We will continue to lift him up and pray for his healing and strength for all. May God encourage you.

  7. So happy to hear the great news. Ali had been goving us updates and we were so please for all of you when he started healing. You are all in our thoughts and prayers

  8. walt and rita hall

    We are praying for Craigs complete recovery and hugs to his family. from Walt and Rita Hall and family.

  9. The Fossen Family

    Susanne , Isaiah and I continue to pray for his healing and for comfort and strength for you his family and wisdom for the medical staff who are caring for him.

  10. Thinking of you, Craig and know that your amazing spirit and joy of life will pull you through this difficult time of recovery. One day at a time, brother. Much love to you and your family.
    Andrea Craddock ❤

  11. You are in our thoughts and wish you a full recovery. The body is an amazing thing, it has the ability to heal itself.

    All the best

    Alan and Julia Mewhort

  12. All the best to Craig and the rest of you, his family! Thanks so much for the up-date. Great news that he’s in recovery. May it be smooth and as swift as possible.

  13. So sorry you kids, and family members, are having to through this. Keep in mind that your dad is surrounded with love, positive thinking, well being, and a measure of defiance. That is a recipe for miracles – you’ll see. We all have to keep hopeful and he will do the rest.

  14. Craig know that you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward to the day when you are able to have visitors. Stay strong everyone.

  15. Our thoughts and prayers are with Craig and his family.
    Sending you all strength and hugs.
    Gord & Michelle xoxo

  16. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way…..your Dad is a very strong positive person and he will be back….I totally believe that. Hang in there everyone…..time will tell. XOXOXOX Barb McKenney

  17. Thanks for the update – sending our thoughts and good wishes for his continued healing and our good wishes to all his family. hugs Georgia Bell and Steve Williams

  18. Sherry and Rainer Jaschke

    We are new here in gold river and not sure who Craig is probably did meet him I am sure as we have found all residents of gold river are wonderful caring people.Sending prayers your way to Craig and his family. Rainer and Sherry Jaschke on alder cres.

  19. Sending strength and positive healing thoughts from Phil and I to not only Craig but to his kids and family also!

  20. Trudy & Bruce Annand

    Thank you so much for the update “Anderson Kids”. We are so happy to hear the positive news will continue sending you all strength and positive healing thoughts as your dad continues his recovery. Hugs to you, Val, Ron & Joel …

  21. I am so thankful to our faithful God, will continue to pray for your healing and God’s love upon you. Thank you to your wonderful children for keeping us updated, your father is so loved in Gold River. May the peace of Jesus fill your soul and give you the energy to be the light for your father. Love you all

  22. I am so happy to hear that you are awake. This is definitely a miracle. I pray for a speedy recovery and that you be filled with the love of Jesus, that makes us whole again!!! Blessings to all the family.

  23. Ken & Elayne Thomas

    Sending our prayers and healing thoughts to Craig and Family…
    Looking forward to hearing many more “Craigi-isms”!
    Ken & Elayne

  24. Hello Graig and family. Hoping for a full recovery and soon will see him home continuing with his life again.

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